Documentary Screening: Blurring the Color Line

Followed by a panel discussion with filmmaker Crystal Kwok

ATLANTA (March 1, 2023) — IT’S COMPLICATED! Asians in Black & White America

To honor Black History month and Rosa Parks’ February birthday, here’s the question: in the Jim Crow era, if Black people sat in the back of the bus, and White folk up front, where did the Asians sit?

Actress-turned-filmmaker Crystal Kwok dares to ask this and other provocative questions in her important award-winning documentary, Blurring The Color Line: Chinese in the Segregated South.

What began as personal research into the history of her grandmother Pearl – neighborhood grocery store owners in the Black community of Augusta, Georgia – soon turned into a bigger story on what it means to grow up Asian in a black/white space.

NACA in partnership with The Carter Center is pleased to present It’s Complicated! Asians in Black & White America on Saturday, March 25th, 2:00 – 5:30pm.

Our event includes an exclusive screening of the documentary followed by an expert panel doing a deep dive not only into the issues raised by the film but also how the past must inform our actions (and interactions) with African Americans and all marginalized groups, in the present.

Tickets are free but you must register to attend.

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